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Providing assistance relating to the Virtual Workplace for remote access.

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  • Unable to open application icons

    • Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.

      When you use the above web browsers, make sure you add carefirst.com to the trusted sites following the instructions below.

      Internet Explorer 11 is CareFirst's currently supported web browser.
    • How to add Internet Explorer Trusted Sites

      At the Citrix Login \ Internet Explorer window, perform these steps

      (1) Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Trusted Sites -> Sites and add this web site http://*.carefirst.com
      (2) Close and re-open the IE window
    • How to check Internet Explorer version

      Some PCs have two versions of IE, 32-bit or 64-bit, based on the Windows OS version. If you have "C:\Program Files\" and "C:\Program Files(x86)" in Local Disk(C:) on your PC, make sure you are using the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer which is located under "C:\Program Files(x86)\".

      If you only have the "C:\Program Files" folder on your PC, this problem does not pertain to you.
    • Re-install Citrix Receiver \ Client on Home PCs only

      If you get prompted to save the .ica file when opening Citrix application icons,
      follow this procedure to remove and re-install the Citrix Receiver \ client on your PC.

      Note: Desktop Services supports Citrix client issues on CareFirst PCs.
  • Application Errors \ Issues

    • Versions of Software in Citrix

      Applications in Citrix get updated in conjunction with CareFirst PCs. If the application version is out of date in Citrix, a service request should be submitted to IT Server Operations and Desktop Services.
    • Access to a network folder under corporate shares such as R, S and T

      Access to corporate shares are handled by Information Security. A service request should be submitted to them.
    • You can login to Citrix but cannot access applications

      Access to applications are handled by the Information Security Team. A service request should be submitted to them.
    • Applications do not work in Citrix and on the Desktop

      Applications that do not work both in Citrix and Desktop platforms, indicate an issue within the application. A Service Desk ticket should be created and assigned to the team that owns the application.
  • Internet Connection Issues

    • How to Check Internet Connectivity from your home to CareFirst

      In order to check the internet connectivity from your PC, open Internet Explorer from Start -> Programs before logging into Citrix.
      1. Verify you have a stable internet connection by viewing news sites
      2. You can also check your internet speed here
      To resolve internet connection issues, contact your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc).

      *Please note the location of your Modem Router if you are using a wireless connection, as well as the number of devices connected could have impact on the quality of your service.
      Refer to the following diagram:

      Click Here
    • Associate Page (http://associate.carefirst.com/)

      If you are having a problem opening http://associate.carefirst.com or http://www.carefirst.com, but other sites open fine, report the problem to the CareFirst Service Desk.
  • Citrix Receiver ICA Client (Windows, Apple, Moblie device, etc.)

  • Service Desk (Issue) Ticket

    • Information required in Service Desk Tickets

      Providing all the following information in tickets is critical to resolving the issue without delay.

      1. Network Login ID:
      2. What is your call back phone #
      3. Are you using a CareFirst owned computer, or personal? If CareFirst, what is the asset tag #
      4. What operating system is the computer you are working on? (Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.)
      5. Are you accessing the internet via a wireless connection?
      6. What is the exact name of the application icon in Citrix that you launched:
      7. Has this ever worked (if yes, when?):
      8. Citrix Server: ( To get this information (a) Right click on Citrix icon (Black square in the system tray, which is in the lower right corner of your PC screen near the Date & Time) (b) Select Connection Center)
      9. Please describe the error message or problem (attach screen image if available): (To get screen image of the error, press PrtScn key on your keyboard and then open MS word or WordPad document and do Edit -> Paste. You can attach this with the ticket)
    • Service Desk's Self Service

      When you are in the office or logged into Citrix, you can utilize Self Service to quickly report the issues
  • New Citrix Users

    If you require Citrix access please refer to the following document Click Here

*Please note, limited support will be provided to any device not owned by CareFirst